Donate to our Food Pantry

We appreciate your interest in making a donation to our food pantry. 

Please bring Food Pantry Donations to:

 215 FM 517 E    Dickinson, Texas 77539
Right now, we are in desperate need of macaroni and cheese.

Items always needed:

Macaroni and Cheese Instant Oatmeal Peanut Butter and  Jelly Corn Muffin Mix
Mashed Potato Mix Canned Stew Pork and Beans Tomato Sauce
Pasta Cereal Canned Juice Cookies
Canned Milk Crackers Jell-O Spaghetti
Canned Fruit Canned Tuna Canned Chicken Spaghetti Sauce
Canned Meat (Spam, ham) Canned Vegetables Canned Ravioli Toilet Paper
Shampoo Soap Toothpaste Tooth Brushes
Paper Towels Wipes Feminine Hygiene Products