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Creekside Residents 

  • Register with M.I. Lewis

    • This application closes on December 19th, 2022

  • Find your current Creekside Apartments Lease

    • M.I. Lewis is unable to assist you if you do not have a copy of your current lease. Or proof of payment to Texas Excel.   

  • Start Gathering Additional Documents

    • Proper Identification (Ex. Driver’s License, Picture ID)

  • Find a new place to live​

  • Consider: Children in DISD and any pets

    • Will you need to transfer schools or districts?

    • Will you be able to take your pets?

  • Once you have chosen a new place to live

    • Provide M.I. Lewis with the following items:

      • a letter from Landlord/Apartments OR Unsigned Lease

      • Rent Statement Letter

      • Completed W9 - be sure to include your new address

Additional Relocation Information:

Please review the files listed below for assistance in relocation.   Please understand that M.I. Lewis pulled together a list of housing and utility options but we are not endorsing any of the properties or providers.   

Information needed:

A detailed list of documents is needed as well as a step-by-step process for receiving funding.  

Rent Statement 

A rent statement letter will need to be signed by your new landlord.   The document can be found here.  

W-9 Form 

A W-9 form must be completed and sent to M.I. Lewis in order to receive funding.  This W-9 must have your NEW address listed on the document 

Housing Options:

A list of potential housing options.   

Utility Providers:

A list of potential utility providers 

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